Hello, my name is Collin Borns and I am the creator/host of the Voicing Startups Podcast. I have a background in institutional investment consulting, and worked for VaynerMedia as a financial analyst, but found a passion for audio, voice and conversational tech a few years back. I am now working with an early stage venture fund, VoicePunch.VC, and am trying to invest in and bring awareness to the different startups and founders in this audio/voice space who are shaking up industries.

Voicing Startups is a podcast featuring interviews with entrepreneurs, builders, and investors in the voice and conversational AI space. The focus is to bring more awareness and attention to the startups and voice/conversational AI ecosystem as a whole.

The Voicing Startups Podcast exists to bring awareness to different companies and creators that are shaking up, redefining and reinventing industries through audio, voice or other conversational technology.

My goal is to learn more about why entrepreneurs are starting companies in voice/conversational tech, what their companies do, and where they see the overall voice and conversational tech industry going over the years ahead alongside their product.

The world of voice and conversational tech is still in its early days in terms of mass market adoption. My hope is that through conversations with creators and entrepreneurs who are paving the way for where the industry will ultimately go we can help bring more awareness to voice as a whole for general culture, other entrepreneurs, and investors alike.