AgVoice with Bruce – Ep. 23

This week on the Voicing Startups podcast I am talking with Bruce, Co-Founder and CEO of AgVoice. AgVoice is designed for use across the food and agriculture ecosystem, including livestock and crop production, agronomy, animal health and wellness, and machinery repair. By using proprietary analytics and conversational AI, users can improve productivity and workflow management, increase documentation accuracy, and gain valuable insights to optimize the use of resources in crop and animal production. Ultimately this results in more sustainable farm practices as well as more efficient, traceable and accurate reporting from professionals and producers. 

In this interview, we start with the general background of AgVoice and how Bruce and his team saw the opportunity for this product. Before diving deeper on the product itself, we look at the business model and who this product is for. We then took a look at a few different use cases of AgVoice. To back up the use cases, Bruce walks me through some customer success stories as well. To wrap up the discussion we look into the future. We discuss both where Bruce sees AgVoice going in the years ahead and what gets him excited about the world of voice. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode of Voicing Startups!

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