Bespoken with Diego – Ep. 14

This week on Voicing Startups I am talking with Diego, product manager at Bespoken. The main business of Bespoken is automated testing and monitoring tools that are used for voice apps on platforms like the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This results in quicker development and higher quality experiences being made in the end. Some of the specific tools that we touch on this episode include Unit Testing, End to End Testing, Continuous Testing and Usability Testing.

Throughout this episode we cover many different aspects of both the Bespoken business as well as the world of voice. In regards to the product specifically, we discuss topics like how to best leverage automated testing and monitoring tools like Bespoken as well as what to expect when you start leveraging a tool like this. As mentioned above, we go into details also about the different tools that are unique to Bespoken. As we get towards the end of the episode, Diego gives his outlook on both the future of the business and the world of voice in light of voice pretty much being activated on every device around us. I hope you enjoy this episode of Voicing Startups!

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