Roby with Jay – Ep. 31


This week on the Voicing Startups podcast I am talking with Jay, Founder and CEO of Roby. Roby is not just another ticketing software. Roby is able to automate your repetitive tasks such as employees’ questions, meeting scheduling, building services and facility requests through conversational AI. This allows you to focus on what really matters – creating an amazing working environment! 


To start off the interview, Jay talks about his background and how he came up with the idea for Roby. We then spend a little time around the customer and then jump right into conversation around the product. We dig through multiple different use cases and discuss the benefits that Roby provides for both employers and employees. We also talk about the business model amidst COVID-19, Roby’s differentiation, voice experience customization and what we can expect to see from the product in the coming years. I hope you enjoy this weeks episode of Voicing Startups!


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