Soundskrit with Sahil – Ep. 28


This week on the Voicing Startups podcast I am talking with Sahil, Co-Founder & Product Lead at Soundskrit. Soundskrit is developing bio inspired directional MEMS microphones with a goal of improving audio capture in consumer devices. With a single microphone, they can separate sounds coming from multiple directions without compromising size or quality. Soundskrit is positioned to greatly improve speech recognition and sound localization, enabling a new suite of features for consumer electronics. 


We start off the interview with getting an idea of Sahil’s background and the general concept of Soundskrit. We then jump right into a conversation about the product. To understand what they are building at Soundskrit, we look at underlying problems with existing microphones, their unique feature set, and some use cases in the real world. We wrap up the interview by looking at the years ahead. We discuss what we can expect to see with the Soundskrit product as well as exciting things about the audio, voice and conversational tech space. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode of Voicing Startups!


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