Speechly with Otto – Ep. 25

This week on the Voicing Startups podcast I am talking with Otto, Co-Founder and CEO of Speechly. Speechly is helping developers build next generation voice user interfaces. What makes them unique from offerings by incumbents like Google or Amazon is their Speech-to-intent spoken language understanding API. This API allows developers to build real-time, multi-modal interfaces for complex natural language enabled tasks for both consumer and enterprise applications alike.

To start off this episode, we talk about Otto’s extensive background in both software and business. We then dig into how himself and some university friends came up with the idea for Speechly and how they ultimately started the business. This leads into us discussing the actual business model and target market for Speechly. The core piece of our interview focuses on the Speechly product itself. We discuss what makes this product unique, primarily how things like real-time speech-to-intent understanding and multi-modal are so important with voice user interfaces. To wrap up the show we look into the years ahead for both the Speechly product and the world of voice. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode of Voicing Startups!

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