SpokenLayer with Will – Ep. 27


This week on the Voicing Startups podcast I am talking with Will, Founder and CSO at SpokenLayer. SpokenLayer is the leader in short-form audio production, distribution, and monetization for both media and brands. One thing I love that makes them unique is their distribution. They distribute everywhere people are listening including Spotify, iTunes, Alexa, Google Assistant and more! Will has a clear passion for short form audio and it shows in our conversation. 


To start off our interview Will gives us his background as well as the origin story of how he ultimately started SpokenLayer. Following the intro we jump right into talking about the actual product. We discuss many different use cases as well topics around audio content. Some of the topics we touch on include short form vs long form audio, distribution, monetization, and audio content amid the COVID-19 pandemic. To wrap up the interview we discuss future scenarios for both SpokenLayer as well as the audio and voice space. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode of Voicing Startups!


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